Centrego Marine and Centrego HOCL Solutions

Centrego HOCL Solutions

As well as manufacturing consumer and commercial systems that produce ECA solutions in-situ, Centrego also delivers the solutions in the UK for sale as liquids for a growing range of customers. The solutions include high-grade hypochlorous acid (HOCl), and mixed oxidant solutions with hypochlorous acid and sodium hypochlorite at pH8.5. The solutions are sold wholesale to retailers who wish to build their brands. We supply the solutions in 1000l IBCs, 20l, 10l and 5l containers, and 1l bottles.

This business is growing quickly, with key health services using our solutions during the pandemic and beyond.

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Centrego Marine

Centrego recently formed a new company with its partner in Denmark and the Faroe Islands – Food Diagnostics. The new company is called Centrego Marine and is focused on servicing the aquaculture, fishing and fish processing industry in the North Atlantic and worldwide. Centrego Marine promotes the benefits and use of ECA systems and solutions at sea on trawlers and fish factories and on land for fish processing and wastewater treatment and in fish and shellfish hatcheries and growing farms.

Centrego Marine has built considerable expertise in this sector and has systems delivering outstanding results on trawlers, fish processing and wastewater plants already in the North Atlantic, with different approaches being adopted further afield.

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