Industrial Units



ElectroChemical Activation (ECA) technology is now being widely adopted across many sectors where there is a requirement for high-grade, on-site generated, environmentally sensitive and highly cost effective disinfectant and cleaning solutions in industry processes. Produced from ordinary potable water and salt, anolyte (disinfectant), catholyte (cleaning agent) or a combination of both is generated in-situ, providing variable solutions and concentrations that can be used direct or diluted, dosed into water supplies or sprayed or misted onto surfaces. There is no residue – either chemical, odour or taint.

Centrego supplies and supports a wide range of ECA systems and products for industrial and large-scale use.

ECA solutions are used in the following sectors and applications:

Agriculture – used on dairy farms, pig farms and poultry farms for livestock drinking water to combat disease, in milking parlour to improve hygiene, and for cleaning livestock housing and equipment.  

Food Processing – used in abattoirs on slaughter lines and meat processing equipment for improved hygiene and contamination control, and also used on meat products to control infection risk and prolong shelf-life.

Fish processing – used in the commercial fish processing sector to clean and disinfect processing equipment, boxes, and in ice to extend the shelf life and freshness of fish products.

Fresh crop processing – used in salad cropping, fruit and vegetable processing to reduce microbiological activity and prolong shelf-life.   

Food preparation -  used in commercial kitchens for food preparation to improve cleaning and hygiene management.  

Water Treatment – used in hospitals, dental clinics, health clinics, hotels and government buildings and apartments to disinfectant water supplies from harmful microorganisms including Legionella, and controlling biofilm.   

Brewing – used in brewing processes to disinfect pipelines and equipment and control biofilm. Also used in pubs to clean and sanitise beer pipelines.  

Ballast Water Management Systems – used in commercial ships to treat and manage Ballast Water Management Systems (BWMS) under new stringent international regulations.