Centrego on ITV’s This Morining with the Best Cleaning Gadgets of 2021!

Our Toucan Espray featured on ITV in the best cleaning gadgets of 2021. The device was called..

“A complete game changer”

and it was pointed out that ECA solution is…

“A disinfectant that doesn’t smell”

If you would like to watch the full clip from ITV’s This Morning, click below to watch


Over 2000 people reached on Facebook

A recent post on our Facebook page reached over 2000 people and counting.

Thank you to everyone who has interacted with us online using Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin or YouTube. If you are not currently following us on Facebook, please search Centrego LTD and like our page.

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New Centrego product (Out this year)

The toucan Eco III was one of our bestselling devices, so we are already working on the next device. This product will produce more solution in around the same amount of time and will still be portable.

We will post images and details on this website and social media as soon as we have the pre-production units. We know this new device will be a vital large portable ECA generator for many industries.

Centrego’s YouTube Channel

We have a growing number of videos for our products and case studies on our YouTube channel ready for you to watch. There are ‘how to’ videos and training videos that will inform and support you when learning about and using ECA solutions.

We also have a series of videos where Professor Reynolds from the University of West England talks us through the advantages of using ECA solution.

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Research & Development with The University of the West of England, Bath University and the National Physical Laboratory

Centrego undertakes considerable R&D both independently and with universities and public research bodies.

Centrego has worked with The University of the West of England’s (UWE) Applied Sciences Department for over ten years in various research projects and with Bath University’s Water Research Centre and the UK Government’s National Physical Laboratory.

Centrego’s current research projects with the UWE include:

○ The Indian Water Project to field test ECA technology and Centrego’s systems in India and Madagascar to provide clean drinking and washing water in isolated villages with no established infrastructure

○ UK Government-funded RiHN Medical Fluids Research Project to develop and test the generation of medical-grade HOCl in emergency and disaster relief environments

○ Application of HOCl in aerosol form for surface and air disinfection, with emphasis on virus elimination

The UWE’s Centre for Research in Biosciences and the Institute for Bio-Sensing Technology Applied Sciences Department is lead by Darren Reynolds, Professor in Health and Environment. He has over 25 years of expertise in ECA solutions and is regarded as a world authority on the science of ECA applications. Prof Reynolds and his research team are collaborative partners of Centrego. In a video interview with Centrego he provided insight into the science, applications and environmental benefits of using ECA solutions.


We are on Instagram!!

It has been a while since we started our Instagram page, and we are gaining more and more followers every day.

For an insight into life at the Centrego factory, production line and lots of helpful information about ECA solution, follow us on Instagram to follow our posts.

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Centrego Webinar

Check out our online webinar with Robert Scotts, Steve Courtney, Dr Darren Reynolds and Centrego LTD’s Robin Turner.

We discuss some of Centregos vital products and why it just makes sense.

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Our solution kills SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19)

It has become more critical than ever to ensure our surroundings are clean and free from infection and viruses during and after the global pandemic.

Centrego’s ECA solutions have been tested against both the surrogate SARS-CoV-2 virus and against the SARS-CoV-2 virus itself in a Government research laboratory. This is a very unusual test and is unavailable in commercial laboratories due to the extreme hazard risk. However, it evidences that ECA solutions will destroy the actual SARS-CoV-2 virus, which causes severe acute respiratory syndrome – Covid-19.

Centrego Marine

Centrego recently formed a new company with its partner in Denmark and the Faroe Islands – Food Diagnostics. The new company is called Centrego Marine and is focused on servicing the aquaculture, fishing and fish processing industry in the North Atlantic and worldwide.

Centrego Marine promotes the benefits and use of ECA systems and solutions at sea on trawlers and fish factories and on land for fish processing and wastewater treatment and in fish and shellfish hatcheries and growing farms.

Centrego Marine has built considerable expertise in this sector and has systems delivering outstanding results on trawlers, fish processing and wastewater plants already in the North Atlantic, with different methods being adopted further afield.

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Centrego HOCL Solutions website

Early in 2021, this year, we launched our Centrego HOCL solutions website.

As well as producing consumer and commercial systems that produce ECA solutions in-situ, Centrego also produces the solutions in the UK for sale as liquids for a growing range of customers. The solutions include high-grade hypochlorous acid (HOCl), and mixed oxidant solutions with hypochlorous acid and sodium hypochlorite at pH8.5. The solutions are sold wholesale to retailers who wish to build their brands. We supply the solutions in 1000l IBCs, 20l, 10l and 5l containers, and 1l bottles.

This part of the business is growing quickly, with essential health services using our solutions during the pandemic and beyond.

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Centrego and Darren Reynolds

Our ongoing relationship with the university of west England is growing every year. We have been able to work with them on proving the efficiency and properties of our disinfectant solutions and other fascinating projects.

Our friend Professor Darren Reynolds has said many kind words about Centrego and has recorded a set of videos about the study of ECA water.

These videos are on our YouTube channel. Just click on either of the two below videos to watch. These link to our Youtube channel so you can go through and watch the whole series.

Centrego installing on cruise ships

More and more companies are adopting ECA technology across a growing range of sectors. Centrego is currently installing Flow systems on cruise ships which will shortly be sailing the world again.

The motivation for the cruise ship operators is to eliminate the use of aggressive synthetic chemical cleaning and disinfection solutions on-board, reduce the use of plastics and wastage, reduce the potential hazards of pollution at sea, and enhance the hygiene in all areas of the ship for the safety of passengers and crew. In addition, the cost savings from using ECA systems on-board will be significant over the lifetime of the systems.

Centrego on the map – Google Maps!

We have been firmly on the ‘map’ in the ECA/HOCl industry for a while. But we thought it was time to make sure we were easy for you to find. All you need to do to find us on Google Maps is type in Centrego LTD, and we will be there.

If you are thinking of visiting us, please arrange an appointment to make sure that we are ready for your visit.

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Centrego on Linkedin

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