Centrego CO2 Emissions Report

Using our onsite disinfectant and solution generators will reduce the need to purchase disposable cleaning products in your company. This report confirms how much you can save using Centrego products instead of disposable cleaning products.

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carbon-neutral status

The BBC Panorama program on greenwashing, carbon credits and buying carbon-neutral status? (link to the program is below).

Regardless of the ongoing debate, the solution to reducing your company’s carbon footprint and saving money is simple and quick.

With Centrego’s Electrochemical Activation (ECA) devices, you can make a real difference quickly. Centrego designs and manufactures Electrochemical Activation (ECA) devices that generate cleaning and disinfectant solutions for your sites. These devices virtually eliminate the use of purchased synthetic chemicals and their large environmental footprints. All this is accomplished simply by electrolysis of water and salt.

Centrego Achieves Partnership with Wates

CentregoLtd is proud to receive the Highly Commended honour in the 2023 Sustainable Innovations Competition, a unique partnership between LloydsBankingGroup and WatesGroup to pioneer emerging green tech innovators and lowcarbon SMEs across the UK.

Our shortlisting in the competition will see our [technology/service] championed by Lloyds Banking Group and Wates Group as part of a shared commitment to move the built environment closer to Net Zero. We also join a host of Innovation Partners that form the WatesInnovationNetwork (WIN) Portal, a first-of-its-kind network of market-leading sustainable technologies and services.

Centrego on ITV’s This Morining with the Best Cleaning Gadgets of 2021!

Our Toucan Espray featured on ITV in the best cleaning gadgets of 2021. The device was called..

“A complete game changer”

and it was pointed out that ECA solution is…

“A disinfectant that doesn’t smell”

If you would like to watch the full clip from ITV’s This Morning, click below to watch

ECA water in the fishing industry

This case study shows how using ECA solution on a fishing ship completely transformed their workflow.

After using the solution, they found their machinery much cleaner and easier to work with. They saved time, and the staff’s working environment was much safer.

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Centrego Renew in the press

Be on the right side: Reducing Plastic in the Environment is the headline. The Centrego Renew is the product. And this article is in the press.

You can reduce the plastic consumption of your company by using Centrego products. To find out how to contact us.

More spport content on our YouTube channel

More videos have been put up recently to assist with technical support and training. Have a look at our YouTube channel to see what videos will assist your company.

Centrego in the press

Our advertising campaign is all over the Place again and this month includes the Toucan Eco Flow 40 and Toucan III. Check out the article about Centrego products and how they can massively reduce your plastic waste and carbon footprint.

Centrego Webinar

Check out our online webinar with Robert Scotts, Steve Courtney, Dr Darren Reynolds and Centrego LTD’s Robin Turner.

We discuss some of Centregos vital products and why it just makes sense.

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Centrego installing on cruise ships

More and more companies are adopting ECA technology across a growing range of sectors. Centrego is currently installing Flow systems on cruise ships which will shortly be sailing the world again.

The motivation for the cruise ship operators is to eliminate the use of aggressive synthetic chemical cleaning and disinfection solutions on-board, reduce the use of plastics and wastage, reduce the potential hazards of pollution at sea, and enhance the hygiene in all areas of the ship for the safety of passengers and crew. In addition, the cost savings from using ECA systems on-board will be significant over the lifetime of the systems.