About Us

Our interest in ECA technology started in 2006 when the company’s founder heard about the performance properties of ECA solutions, generated from simply electricity, water and salt.

Robin visited Professor Vitold Bakhir at the Electrochemical Systems and Technologies Institute in Moscow, Professor Bakhir being recognised as the ‘father’ of ECA, and the Institute being the source of the initial research and development of the technology. http://www.vbinstitute.org

Robin saw the evidence of the science and research, and saw the technology in action, being applied throughout large hospitals, in food processing lines, and in the oil and gas sector, providing powerful but safe, easy and cheap to generate, biocide and cleaning agents.

Since then, ECA solutions have become mainstream, and systems engineered by a number of manufactures provide ECA generators to a rapidly growing number of sectors and applications. The technology has matured, and combined with widespread scientific research into the efficacy performance, safety and environmental benefits, the expanding up-take is proof that the solutions are here to stay and deliver in a world where synthetic chemicals are considered to be environmentally damaging, inefficient and costly.    

Centrego and ECA Tech are playing their part in this synthetic chemical-free revolution. Centrego works with specialist partners to expand the use of ECA solutions worldwide, and to provide advice on the most appropriate solutions and generators for clients and end-users. It markets systems to meet every specified output in terms volume, concentration and application through its distributor network. ECA Tech Ltd. is co-owned by Centrego and is a specialist designer, developer and manufacture of small to medium sized ECA units, as well as undertaking bespoke product designs for corporates for either stand-alone products or incorporation into their own product ranges. We are believers in continuous research and development.

We strive for quality and reliability in all our products.