Centrego has the skills, expertise and partnerships to work with clients to develop products using ECA technology. We can help you from conceptual design and take it right through to commercial production.

Centrego’s 9 stages of ECA Concept-to-Product Model

There is a global market – in developing countries as well as the developed world – for cheap, safe, environmentally sensitive biocides, generated at the point-of-use from just salt and water.

Development Projects Include:

  • ECA generation and dosing system for water supplies for dental clinics
  • ECA generators for small sites and domestic use
  • Portable ECA generators for emergency use and disaster response activities
  • Water Tank Guard products for maintenance-free water disinfection
  • Washroom applications

We work with our partners and clients to achieve the optimum performance from products at competitive prices by utilising design, development and manufacturing systems in an integrated, end-to-end process. 

Centrego designs, prototypes and manufactures ECA cells for a wide variety of applications. Cell designs include flat-plate cells for lower volume, medium strength solutions right through to large flow-through cells for high volume, high concentration solutions. Using high quality materials combined with power and control systems, cell performance is optimised to generate stable, consistent, high grade solutions with predetermined active chemical properties.

Centrego works with clients to identify performance criteria, systems functionality and price points, then designs units to an agreed specification. The design process covers the electrical and power sytems, and management and control systems. In addition, the look, feel and user interfaces are a collaborative process between Centrego and our clients to ensure the product mirrors the vision of the client.

Prototyping is a key component  of the design process – Centrego generates protoytpes firstly using 3-D printing to establish basic look and feel parameters, then working prototypes to test functionality and performance. 

Once the design meets the specification criteria and the working prototypes operate to the performance criteria, Centrego can take the product to manufacture. We work with manufacturing partners who can guarentee quality control, product integrity, delivery schedules and global price competitiveness. The entire manufacturing process is locally managed with products branded, tested, certified and packaged to the Clients specification, ready for dispatch globally.

Centrego can manage any or all of the concept-to-product process for clients located anywhere in the world. We partner with our clients to deliver innovative and cost-effective products using ECA technology.

Product development can be fast-tracked as the scientific and technical resources are available for collaborative initiatives to rapidly bring to market ECA technology-based products.